A Global Historical Survey: Does Accepting Homosexuality Lead to Civilizational Ruin?

A while ago I had a discussion with some friends about homosexuality and morality.  Eventually I made the comment:

Well it doesn’t directly affect you. If you didn’t know it was happening, what negative effect would it have on your life?

To this they responded something to the effect that homosexuality “degrades” the values of society and has been part of the downfall and collapse of empires and nations. It was just so obvious, they claimed, simply look at Sodom and Gomorrah or the Greek and Roman Empires!

I didn’t quite know what to say about all of this then.  Frankly it was more shock than anything.  But after going home I knew I could easily look into this empirical claim.  They made a confident assertion about the causal relationship between social phenomena.

I decided to look it up.  Specifically, I decided to, first, do a case study on the Greek/Hellenistic and Roman Empires, which they themselves claimed were ‘ruined by homosexual lusts’.  I also decided to throw in Japan, so as to look at a country without the same kind of Western history or Judeo-Christian mores, as well as general ‘Global Trends’ in the past 100-200 years when homosexuality has been increasingly accepted.

The following is a brief outline of some things I found and my own little comments on them. My sources are mostly Wikipedia as well as a variety of other sites.  I didn’t cite everything, but you can easily copy-paste text and search it yourself.  I tried to take just concrete and objective facts and dates as measurements of acceptance of homosexuality and when they finally collapsed in part for this reason.   If you challenge any of the data, notice I left something out or question interpretations, please comment below.


Hellenistic, Macedonian, Greek Civilization

Homosexuality in Ancient Greece and the Hellenistic Renaissance:

’385 BCE Plato’s Symposium is published. Plato argues that love between males is the highest form of love and that sex with women is lustful and only for means of reproduction. Only with men, can the Greek male reach their full intellectual potential.’  Sexual intimacy was common between older mentors and younger students.

Nude Greek Youth

“A nude youth plays the aulos for a banqueter: Attic red-figure cup by the Euaion Painter, ca. 460–450 BC”

’338 BCE The Sacred Band of Thebes, an undefeated elite battalion made up of one hundred and fifty gay couples, is destroyed by the forces of Philip II of Macedon who bemoans their loss and praises their honor.’

’326 BCE Gay/bisexual military leader Alexander the Great completes conquest of most of the then known Western world, converting millions of people to the gay-friendly Hellenistic culture and launching the Hellenistic Age.’

End of the Hellenistic Age and Greek/Macedonian Empire:

‘Ends with the annexation of the Greek peninsula and islands by Rome in 146 BC with the sacking of Corinth by the Roman Lucius Mummius’

Notes on the Greek/Hellenistic Empire:

Plato is the teacher of Aristotle who was Alexander the Great’s, one of the most world famous homosexuals of history, tutor.  Alex the Great then went on to conquer the known world and set up the precursor to the Roman Empire, see next section.  Homosexuals, bisexual’s and those who supported such had major roles in founding and creating the best of Hellenistic civilization, which lasted for centuries afterword. 

The Roman Empire

Acceptance of Homosexuality in Roman Empire:

Roman Emperor Elagabalo

Bust of Roman emperor Elagabalus

“146 BCE – Although the establishment of Roman rule did not break the continuity of Hellenistic society and culture, which remained essentially unchanged until the advent of Christianity, it did mark the end of Greek political independence.”

“27 BCE – The Roman Empire begins with the reign of Augustus. The first recorded same sex marriages occur during this period. The Roman Empire is a time in which art and literature depict homosexual love in a positive light. Romans, like the Greeks, celebrated love and sex amongst men. Two Roman Emperors publicly married men, some had gay lovers themselves, and homosexual prostitution was taxed.”

“98 – Trajan, one of the most beloved of Roman emperors, begins his reign. Trajan was well known for his homosexuality and fondness for young males. This was used to advantage by the king of Edessa, Abgarus, who, after incurring the anger of Trajan for some misdeed, sent his handsome young son to make his apologies, thereby obtaining pardon.”

“130 – Emperor Hadrian’s beloved Antinous drowns in the Nile, and upon Hadrian’s death, Antinous was deified. He is actually the last non-imperial human to be deified”

218 – The emperor Elagabalus begins his reign. He married a man named Zoticus, an athlete from Smyrna, in a lavish public ceremony at Rome”

End of Homosexual Acceptance in Roman Empire:

305- 306 Council of Elvira (now Granada, Spain). This council was representative of the Western European Church and among other things, it barred homosexuals the right to Communion.”

“313 Emperor Constantine declares the Empire as Christian.”

“314 Council of Ancyra (now Ankara, Turkey). This council was representative of the Eastern European Church and it excluded the Sacraments for 15 years for unmarried men under the age of 20 who were caught in homosexual acts and excluded the man for life if he was married and over the age of 50.”

“342 – The first Roman law against homosexual marriage was promulgated by the Christian emperors Constantius II and Constans.”

End of Roman Empire:

“476 – The traditional date of the fall of the Roman Empire is September 4, 476 when Romulus Augustus, the last Emperor of the Western Roman Empire was deposed by Odoacer.”

Other Dates for ‘End of Roman Empire’:

Justinian 1, the Last Roman Emperor and a Christian

Justinian the 1st, The Last Roman Emperor and a Christian

378 – the Battle of Adrianople in 378,”

395 – the death of Theodosius I (the last time the Roman Empire was politically unified),”

406 – the crossing of the Rhine by Germanic tribes after the withdrawal of the troops in order to defend Italy against Alaric I.”

408 – the death of Stilicho, followed by the disintegration of the western army,”

410 – the Sack of Rome, the first time in almost 800 years that the city of Rome had fallen to a foreign enemy.”

565 – The death of Justinian I, the last Roman Emperor who tried to re-conquer the west.”

Notes on the Roman Empire

The Hellenistic Empire’s art, culture, philosophy and religion flowed into that of the Roman Empire.  As you can see homosexuality was widely accepted from its beginning up until Emperor Constantine when the Empire was formally converted to Christianity.  With the new religion, after nearly 600 plus years with a culture that was pro-homosexual, homosexuality is discouraged and outlawed.  The Empire then only lasts another 173-260 years, depending on which dates you want to use.  This may seem like a lot, but remember that this is Rome’s ‘Age of Decline’.  It lasted for centuries more, but in a weaker and weaker state.

It appears to be clear that Rome’s rise corresponded with more liberal positions on homosexuality and its stricter anti-homosexual stance corresponded to its disintegration.  If anything, this indicates that acceptance of homosexuality is needed for a society to flourish.


The Acceptance of Homosexuality in Japan:

Homosexuality in Japan

A Japanese homosexual couple (1750). The youth on the left is wearing a traditional woman’s kimono.

“Unlike the West, in Japan sex was not viewed in terms of morality, but rather in terms of pleasure, social position, and social responsibility. While modern attitudes to homosexuality have changed, this is frequently true even today. Like the pre-modern West, only sexual acts were seen as being homosexual or heterosexual, not the people performing such acts.”

While homosexuality had never been viewed as a ‘sin’ in Japanese society and religion, ‘sodomy’ was restricted by legal prohibition in 1873. This was done mostly to emulate Western laws. The provision was then repealed seven years later by the Penal Code of 1880.

“Japan has no laws against homosexual activity, and has some legal protections for gay individuals. In addition, there are some legal protections for transgender individuals. Consensual sex between adults of the same sex is legal, but some prefectures set the age of consent for same-sex sexual activity higher than for opposite-sex sexual activity. While civil rights laws do not extend to protection from discrimination based on sexual orientation, some governments have enacted such laws. The government of Tokyo has passed laws that ban discrimination in employment based on sexual identity.”

The Japanese Empire and Progress:

I don’t think I have to do any research to convince anyone that Japanese culture is highly sophisticated and that the Japanese economy is on par with the West.

Notes on Japan:

Japan never included homosexuality in its list of moral no-no’s.  It outlawed homosexuality for a few years merely to appease Western powers.  Yet it has been a central economic, cultural, political powerhouse around the world.  Even after being demolished in WWII it only took a few years to recover.

Like Greece and Rome, homosexuality in Japan has never been considered as a moral abomination and the acceptance of it has not correlated at all with economic or social disintegration.

Global Trends

Countries and Dates of Decriminalization of Homosexuality in the 1800s:

1791 France; 1795 Luxemburg and Tuscany; 1811 Netherlands; 1813 Bavaria; 1830 Brazil; 1871 Guatemala and Mexico; 1880 Japan; 1886 Argentina; 1889 Italy

Countries and Dates in 1900/2000s:

Pride Protest in Spain

Gay Pride Parade in Spain following the passing of Same Sex Marriage laws

Decriminalisation: 1922 USSR; 1924 Panama, Paraguay and Peru; 1932 Poland; 1933 Denmark and Philippines; 1934 Uruguay; 1940 Iceland; 1942 Switzerland; 1944 Switzerland and Suriname; 1945 Portugal; 1951 Greece; 1956 Thailand; 1961 Czechoslovakia and Hungary; 1962 1st US State (Illinois); 1963 Israel; 1969 Canada; 1967 England, Wales, and Chad; 1968 Bulgaria; 1970 Kosovo; 1971 Austria, Costa Rica and Finland; 1972 Norway; 1977 Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia; 1979 Cuba and Spain; 1980 Scotland; 1981 Columbia; 1986 New Zealand; 1988 Belize and Israel; 1989 Liechtenstein; 1990 Jersey; 1991 Bahamas, Hong Kong and Ukraine; 1992 Estonia and Latvia; 1993 Belarus, Gibraltar, Lithuania and Russia; 1994 Bermuda, Serbia and South Africa; 1995 Albania and Moldavia; 1996 Romania and Macedonia; 1998 Bosnia/Herzegovina, Chile, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Cyprus; 2000 Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Gabon; 2003 Armenia; 2004 Cape Verde and Marshal Islands; 2005 Uganda; 2008 Nicaragua and Panama;

Notable US Dates

1974 1st open Homosexual in US pub office; 1983 1st openly Homosexual member of US Congress; 1984 Berkeley, Cal. 1st US city to ensure health benefit to Homosexuals; 1992 WHO removes homosexuality from the ICD-10 (its official list of diseases); 1995 the Human Rights Campaign (US NGO) adds homosexual rights to their agenda; 2000 Vermont 1st US state with Civil Unions; Currently several US states plus DC recognize same sex marriages with a number of other recognizing domestic partnership.

I did not list all of the rest of the US states. Also I did not list countries that never criminalized homosexuality in the first place.  Mostly those that didn’t were countries where Christianity was never part of the culture (like Japan).  I could not find a list of those which were never criminalized.

Notable World Trends During the Period of Increasing Global Homosexual Acceptance:

1) Increased Peace: no wars have ever been fought between democracies (barring skirmishes in Georgia and Russia, though both can be argued aren’t actually democratic nor had an actual war).

2) World infant mortality rate declined from 126 in 1960 to 57 in 2001.

3) All but two countries are now identified as democratic.  In the 1940 to the present the number of countries scoring 8 or higher on Polity IV scale (1.0-10.0), a widely used measure of democracy, jumps from 7 to 65.

4) Literacy rates for 2008 of the 192 countries of the world according to the UN Development Program’s Human Devo Report listed 49 countries having above 99% literacy rates, 15 more above 97%, 32 more above 96%, 37 more above 90% and the bottom 26 countries on the list ranging from 22-59% literate.

For comparison, in England in 1841, then the world power, 40% had to sign contracts with a ‘general mark’ because they could not even write their own name.

5) Life expectancy today is 77 years worldwide.  Life expectancy in the US in 1900 was 47 years and in India was 32.

Notes on Global Trends:

The global trends are as clear as can be.  Policy towards homosexuality has been overwhelming liberal with increasing acceptance in the past 100-200 years.  During this same time almost all indicators concerning quality of life and civilizational ‘advancement’, instead of decline, have shown vast improvement.

In other words, acceptance of homosexuality in fact correlates with the strengthening of the social fabric.



Paul Chiariello (Chief Editor, Rutgers & Yale University)
DSC_0484Paul Chiariello graduated from Rutgers in 2009 after studying Philosophy and Anthropology and has been running around the world ever since. Currently he is on the Board of Directors of the Rutgers Humanist Community, Co-founder of the Yale Humanist Community, and Director of the Humanism & Philosophy Curriculum for Camp Quest, Inc.  Paul has a MSc in Comparative Education from Oxford, completing his field research in Bosnia on ethno-religious identity and conflict, and has spent a year studying philosophy of ethics and religion at Yale on a PhD fellowship.  He has also worked with research organizations at the UN and in DC, as well as schools abroad in Uganda, Kenya, India, Indonesia and Germany.

43 responses to “A Global Historical Survey: Does Accepting Homosexuality Lead to Civilizational Ruin?

  1. Thank you for this article. I agree absolutely that rather than heralding the downfall of civilisation, the acceptance of gay rights (and women’s rights too) are a barometer of a society’s resilience against authoritarian rule. Societies where the prevailing cultures reject prejudice and discrimination on the basis of race, gender and sexual orientation enable all sections of society the freedom to develop their abilities and contribute fully to society and deny pathological elites scapegoats for populist campaigns of oppression. The fight for gay rights and women’s rights across the Arab world, south Asia and India, and elsewhere, is not just about the safety and freedom of women and gay people, it is about the safety and freedom of us all.

    Liked by 1 person

    • With all your learning and educational achievements (Paul Chiariello) the most important thing that is missing in your research is intellectual honesty. Your conclusions do not necessarily follow and are full of errors in your thinking. “Thinking themselves wise, they have become fools.” Does that sound familiar? I’ll guess your response to that is inappropriate and objectionable too. Look for truth rather than trying to force some (mis) interpretation of (irrelevant) empirical data into evidence and thus forming it into any shape you covet or lust after like a wax nose.


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  3. Great read. But couldn’t one argue that homosexuality gave rise to the pederasty in Ancient Greece? Or at least created an cultural atmosphere conducive to it?


    • Who knows. Do another survey to see if they do commonly coincide.

      Ask, does you hypothesis pan out in Rome? Japan? The modern progressive world? I haven’t looked, but I’ll put my money on ‘No’. Homosexuality is a different and separate phenomena than pederasty.

      I see no reason to think that accepting homosexuality leads to gay pedophilia than accepting heterosexuality leads to straight pedophilia

      Liked by 2 people

      • Most of these civilizations were ruled and designed by homosexual aristocracies. Who believed and practiced the occult. It’s obvious that any opposing force to them would ruin their civilizations.


        • Buwahahaha!
          Man – they survived in many cases for thousands of years. Apparently, a homosexual aristocracy that practices the occult is a very stable form of governence.


      • I’d agree with that. It’s a common claim of those who oppose same sex marriage or sexual activity. Realistically it’s irrelevant. One may as well state that sexual activity between members of the opposite sex results in paedophilia. Surely no one claims that young people of either sex weren’t made to have heterosexual sex in ancient Greece?


      • Most homos like young boys with tight asses…thus pedophilia.
        A real man likes hot chicks with curves…34D 24 34…
        All pedophiles are basically homos


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  5. The article is misleading in that it portrays homosexual relationships in the ancient world as though they were practiced in the same way they are practiced in the West today. In reality Homosexuality in ancient Rome and Greece was commonly pedophilia between older men of status and boys of a lower class. In ancient Rome sex with freeborn male youths was outlawed as it was considered likely to ruin the reputation of the latter.


    • Just to expand a bit, modern gay relationships can be equal in footing, while homosexuality in the ancient world was more akin to an expression of dominance of one man over another in the patriarchal sense that modern feminists reject women being subject to.


  6. The acceptance of homosexuality in 1960s and 70s. also known as gay liberation, resulted in the onset of HIV/AIDS global pandemic, which resulted in tens of millions of deaths from AIDS related illnesses. Homosexual men still remain the main spreaders of sexually transmitted diseases, while lesbians are the cleanest when it comes to STDs.

    The article didn’t even mention HIV. Cherry picking only pro-gay info.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Because AIDS didn’t exist in Roman times.
      Did you even pay attention to the argument? It’s the idea that homosexuality leads to the collapse of Empires. He definitively disproves that.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. I think you are as confussed as your friends who attributed the fall of nations to homosexuality. The fact of the matter is homosexuality neither helps nor harms a nations strength.

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  9. Homosexuality can NLT cause thecdeyeriattipn of the family a normal family this! Me participating in this stop caring about thier wives children morality deminish rs corruption increases crime and morals degrade where nothing is wrong everything becomes ok and no society can exist that way for long with out good chrustian based rules we all become animals!


  10. Anytime there’s a discussion about gay rights or keeping gays and straights seperate I hear screams if discrimination which us far from the truth the straight want nothing to do with gays so a bathroom made strictly for lgbt makes sense tge gays stay in their. Place with each other no one wants to walk into a bathroom and see two faders going at each other damn can’t they do that at home? So yes I think with tge rise of aids studs moral decay hoseuality can greatly lead to a decline of any society!


    • AIDS didn’t exist in Roman times and has been reigned in over the last several years, on its way to being swiftly eliminated. You’re crying some serious wolf.


      • AIDS on it way to being swiftly eliminated? I think you need to do a quick fact check before posting things like that. With there currently being over 30 million people on earth with AIDS, I don’t see it being eliminated anytime soon. 1.2 million of those people live in the United States. What group of people is this 1.2 million comprised of you ask? Mainly gay and bisexual African Americans. Any thoughts? I can’t comment much on if it contributes the the fall of society, other than I see no instance where it helps.


  11. The details and “historicity” of these past civilizations and how they were “successful” along with their openness to homosexuality is extremely flawed. Two quick and EASY points:

    1. The argument that resistance to homosexuality came about later in the Roman Empire due to acceptance of Christianity is indeed false and short-sighted. You see, the very term “Christian” was an invented term…the term means “little Christs” and was used to mock those who followed Christ, many of which were known as “Jews”. God’s people (the Jewish People) predate all of those labels and opposed (and still do) homosexuality as well as other deviant sexual behavior. In ancient Rome (the Empire), there was no “sexual view/struggle” because sexuality was viewed as different. It was a status thing. It was wicked and wrong, but that is historically true…and by the way, Rome Fell. That leads me to point #2.

    2. As a matter of fact, every empire mentioned in this article to prop up the greatness of gayness have one thing in common-they’ve ALL fallen. For anyone interested, that’s not promising for the nations of the world embracing this immorality today. With all of the seemingly clever slogans of “Love is Love” and “Love always wins…” I have a real slogan for everyone to seriously consider; and I promise I share this with no intent other than an appeal to all to consider who your creator is and to acknowledge what HE thinks about the matter…and that is this “God always wins.”


  12. Just because homosexuality may have been prevalent in the societies mentioned does not make it right. I can’t believe that one man inserting his penis into another man’s rectum could be considered normal love making and endorsed by God. Some things just don’t make sense.
    God calls homosexuality an abomination, modern society defends it.
    I think I’ll believe God over modern society.
    I’d like to mention that the Paul Chiariello’s stat regarding life expectancy is misleading. Many people actually lived well into their 70s in the early 1900s. Wide spread disease killed infants during those days. So as an example if an adult lived to be 80 and a new infant died the average age would have been 40.


  13. This “survey” is so flawed and ridiculous in its conclusions it needs no explanation! A few posters have already pointed out the lack of credible analysis. More importantly, many actual scholars has shown that the exact opposite of your ridiculous suppositions and conclusion, although not simply with respect to homosexuality, but rather regarding sexual immorality including homosexuality/pederasty, and its deteriorating effect on societies.

    In essence the argument is that some sexual tension helps societies creative, and defensive capabilities, while respect for traditional families that support children , dont murder their infants and unborn, sustains culture. Sexual immorality, including adultery, homosexuality, abortion all satisfy ones immediate sexual urges without ethical or moral restraint to protect and encourage family life. It was NOT Christianity sexual morals that brought down the Roman empire!! What utter nonsense!

    It was the Romans Empires utter moral internal corruption and sexual decay that was rotting the empire from within, making the waves of invasions by the barbarians possible, thus completely ending the Roman Empire. Christianity survived because it was able to convert the Roman society and the invading barbarians. A new Christian empire was born and has lived for 2000 years!

    It is only as the secularists have gained a stronghold that we have been living on the fumes of Christianity as a sustaining force. Once those fumes have evaporated, a secular world cant help but feed on one another as the only unifying TRUTH they have is the one that comes from each of their own heads. And there is NO such thing as 7 billion forms of TRUTH! And since secularists conform to no objective moral truth, in the end , only might makes right! And thus moral relativism of modern day secularism is nothing other than a Dictatorship of the Cultural elites.

    And at this time in our history , the cultural secular elites are promoters of homosexuality and abortion and so they strive to impose their will on the rest of us with greater and greater undemocratic and authoritarian forces. This is only the beginning of their effort for control. They want absolute control. And we all know how absolute power, corrupts and destroys absolutely! This is what we have in store! Not some glorious reign of homosexual mores!


  14. the fact you used antiwoman comments in your article is why I don’t trust gays….bringing back the good ole days when men purchased children (Nero) castrated them and dressed them up in their dead wife’s clothes. Elagabalus was put on the throne at 14 by his grandmother who had him assassinated at 18 after he raped a Vestal virgin. This is a good thing? And infant mortality rates are what?
    Surprised you didn’t mention Hadrian sacrificing his boyfriend to an Egyptian god to bring back his virility.
    Homosexuality is not a choice….but for some reason European gays are the most ruthless men against women that I’ve ever read about. As long as you yearn for the good old days I will fear you.


  15. The vast majority of all countries that accept homosexuality are white countries. According to all reliable sources, the white race is headed towards Extinction. Their birth rate is below the replacement level. According to our reliable sources, African nations have some of the fastest growing economies. Africans are on track to be 4 billion within a hundred years what whites are on track to be extinct within 100 years. History repeats itself. The race that empresses homosexuality don’t even exist in 100 years


  16. Thanks. This is the info I was looking for out of curiosity.
    It’s no surprise that religion was basically the cause of all the hatred. So sad a fake book fan influence so many weak minded fools to the point they hate their fellow man or woman for being happy and free.


  17. You can be a role model or decadent. Some of these homosexuals were thoroughly evil people. USA is facing off against a 1.3 billion strong China and 1.2 billion person fundamentalist Muslim Ummah, and you want to accept homosexuality, which does not reproduce a single thing other than STDs?

    Have you gone mad? Do you have any geopolitical strategic wisdom? Any love for country? Any love for the future children you could have if you didn’t give in to the evil of homosexuality?

    God is real. He made you a certain way but we are all corrupted now. Homosexual temptation is just that: a temptation. God has power over it, if you will submit to God. You can choose between homosexuality for a few decades or Jesus forever. Choose wisely: the lives of your future children depend on it. I’m glad I chose Jesus. The homosexual temptations decrease over time and have now disappeared.

    It is like the tale of the two wolves within us. There I one good and one evil. They are fighting. The one who wins is the one we feed.


  18. Homosexuality is a destructive force. It is also unsanitary to put a penis into an anal cavity. Ever heard of AIDS genius?
    The decline of the Roman and Greek Empires was largely due to the acceptance of Eastern morality (example…Persian eunuchs having great influence in Rome and the ascent of Philip the Arab (Arabs are the biggest homos) to Roman emperor. Effeminate leaders like Obama destroy nations. Real men lead such as George Washington and Vladimir Putin. Homosexuality is a pagan death cult. And fat ugly black and white women should Beloit to death as they serve no useful purpose.


  19. Any culture that celebrates monkey dancing is worthless.
    Look at the Latino faggots, Arab queers, southeast Asian sissies and the African homos…more than 50% of their populations still don’t have flush toilets. Northern European culture (including USA) created orderly communities and didn’t jump around like a bunch of morons until the hippies came around and tried to put their penises in everyone’s buttholes. AIDS is nature’s way of getting rid of these effeminate dancing maggots. Chinese, Korean. and Mongolian cultures don’t dance around like fags and they have had highly advanced and great empires as did the Romans.
    Real men like John Wayne, Charles Bronson and Bruce Lee not to mention Dirty Harry Callahan don’t jump around like faggots.


  20. Social engineering and down right blind stupidit, sure knows how to write scientific sounding articles with quite a bit of twisted facts. Marxism lives on through metrosexual journalists everywhere it would seem.


  21. basically the acceptance of homosexuality is the symptom of a broader phenomenon. it can be thrown into the rest of the immoral mix of vices before the empire collapses. causality speaking, slavery was not the cause of the american civil war. secession of the state of south carolina was the true cause of a declaration of war. and the the ‘broader phenomenon’?…simply a denial of obedience to the one true god I AM….shalom.


  22. You should elaborate more not just on the final conclusion, but also that any empire’s fall is not due in any degree to homossexuality being practiced or not.

    It deserves such emphasizing!

    Jews have never had an empire and they hold homossexuality as sin.

    Regarding Japan, it would be good to mention that pederasty was institutionalized among the samurai warrior class below the name Waka Shudo or Way of the Youngster.

    Thanks a lot for your research!

    Liked by 1 person

  23. Butt-Frackers always seem 2 find validation in their sin and moral degradation…getting data from a source that is stacking the deck works too!
    Butt-Frackers are what is left to humanity/mankind from the fallen Angels…they enjoyed Butt-Fracking animals and anything that moved!
    Since that time…men have used EVERY resource to change laws to allow acceptance of this insanity!
    Men can not seed the Soul to the body…only women can!
    If Evil REALLY wants to bypass GOD’S Gift to Mankind…Eliminate the helpmate of Humanity and Butt-Frack till you die!


  24. Wikipedia isnt a source. Go back to highschool, other than that if it had legitimate sources it would be a good article.


  25. Maybe the rise and acceptance of homosexuality is an effect of prosperity (e.g. people are more open) not the cause of prosperity, and that the decline/outlaw of homosexuality is the effect of decline, not the cause of decline? Also, how come lesbians are not celebrated in Rome when homosexuality supposedly was ? Or were they? Was the Roman Empire sexist back then?


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