Call for Writers and Contributors!

Hey Dudes (Gender Inclusive)!

We want Applied Sentience to be a collaborative project, so we’re looking for Staff Writers, Contributors and Social Media Curators to help us maintain our sites! As mentioned elsewhere, we’re looking for people who want to indulge in the knowledge and beauty and awesome of the world while also being model citizens of the species. Posts will cover a wide range of topics like history, science, books, religion, pop culture and philosophy, but also current issues from poverty, free speech, human and animal rights, marriage equality and much more.

Bonus points if you’re a fan of Kurt Vonnegut, Star Trek, Xkcd or the Nerdist podcast.

STAFF WRITERS must be Rutgers students or alum, and will coordinate with the editors to write 2-3 posts a month.

SOCIAL MEDIA CURATORS will help find stuff for the Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and any other social media accounts.

CONTRIBUTORS can be anyone with a link, post or article in mind.

Apply at, and (of course) thanks a bunch for your interest!

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