New Staff Writers Positions NOW OPEN


Applied Sentience is accepting applications for 10 new staff writer positions!

Applied Sentience’s Staff Writers Program was developed for young humanists, secularists, skeptics, nontheists and others interested in making the world a better place and exploring what comes after religion.  AS provides professional writing development for current students and recent alumni from universities across the country, as well as a competitive, national platform for their ideas.


About Applied Sentience

The aim of Applied Sentience is first to provide a platform for young Humanists that is informal and conversational, while still rigorous in exploring academic ideas – a cross between an academic think tank and a personal blog.  A ‘thinkblog’ if you will.  Through this platform we hope to spread ideas and strengthen a new voice in the discussion of what comes after religion.

Our second aim at Applied Sentience is to provide personal and professional development for these up-and-coming thinkers.  With an Editorial Board comprised of leading Humanist activists, bloggers, and academics, we aim to provide an opportunity for our writers and contributors to develop their thoughts, improve their writing skills, and connect with others.

What Staff Writers Can Expect

Staff writers will publish one (1) post a month, working one-on-one with a member of our editorial board to receive feedback on their writing and arguments and help with brainstorming new projects.  The position lasts for one year, approximately twelve articles, with further opportunities after the program.  Applications are judged and positions start on a rolling basis.

Projects and content are left up to individual writers – write what you want to write about.  As a platform for up-and-coming voices, Applied Sentience celebrates a diversity of styles and perspectives.

Who Can Apply

Staff writers must be current undergraduates, graduate students, or recent alumni from any American university or college.  Five (5) new staff positions are reserved for students that do not go to one of our participating universities.

Through its connection with the humanist chaplaincies and communities, Applied Sentience works in part with and for the student and alumni networks of those universities.  Additional new positions are open and reserved for students of Stanford, Columbia, and Harvard.

Writers do not need to identify as ‘humanist’ or any other label themselves.  However, as a humanist publication, they should be comfortable roughly agreeing with ‘humanism’ as broadly defined in our About Us page.

How to Apply

To apply, email with the subject line: “[Your University] – Staff Writer Application.”  Please attach a short statement discussing your background and interest in the position, as well as links to one or two writing samples.  If there are members of our editorial board you wish to work with please explain in your statement.

More Info

Please check out our About Us and Submission Guidelines pages.  Still have questions?  Send us an email at

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