Global Poverty Project Comes to Rutgers!

RU Global Poverty Event

By Boris Yakubchik, Rutgers University

It turns out even a single individual can do an immense amount of good. Did you know you could cure someone of parasitic worms with a single $0.50 donation to Schistosomiasis Control Initiative? But not all charities are this cost-effective with your money: some will spend thousands of dollars to help one person, while this one can do it for pennies. To find out which ones are good do not look at the overhead but instead at whether the charity uses research-proven time-tested methods that cost very little but help people a lot. First, learn, then learn more. Second, get together with an organization like Giving What We Can: Rutgers, which is full of people who are working in effective ways to help the very worst off. As an individual you can do a lot, as a group you can do disproportionately more.

1.4 Billion Reasons by the Global Poverty Project is a multi-media presentation that has traveled the globe engaging and inspiring audiences to understand and get involved in the movement to end extreme poverty. Developed along with members of the UN and endorsed by such individuals as Bill Gates, Hugh Jackman and Hans Rosling, this presentation helps answer questions such as:

  • What is extreme poverty?
  • Can we do anything about it?
  • What are the barriers to ending extreme poverty?
  • Why should we care?
  • What can I do?

See you at the event!

Thursday, March 28th, 7PM @ Busch Campus Center, Multipurpose Room.

For more info: Join the event on Facebook

Boris Yakubchik (Rutgers University)
Boris-YakubchikBoris is a Rutgers alumni and the President of Giving What We Can: Rutgers, an organization that educates the public about extreme poverty and effective ways of fighting it. Because the most cost-effective charities can do 10,000 as much good as average ones, he gives at least 50% of his income to Against Malaria Foundation, the top-rated charity by the independent charity evaluator GiveWell.  Visit his personal website for more information.

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